Reseña del libro Teaching and Learning English in Secondary

Reseña del libro Teaching and Learning English in Secondary

Acaba de salir publicada una reseña del libro Teaching and Learning English in Secondary en la Revista Electrónica del Lenguaje (coordinada por Patricia Fernández Martín de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Aquí os dejamos un extracto de la reseña escrita por Melania Di Napoli.

Teaching and Learning English in Secondary Education is a practical guide for second language teachers (L2), specifically English teachers, who would like to develop their career in Spanish Formal Secondary Education. It is a hands-on approach to the state-of-the-art in L2 teaching and learning nowadays. It provides the reader with teaching principles and several helpful examples of good practice according to the experience of the authors, who are teachers and teacher trainers. The work is addressed to pre-service and novice teachers who can read it autonomously or in the context of a pre-service training course. Nonetheless, it is an extremely useful book for in-service teachers too, who want a direct introduction to the current state of L2 teaching and learning as the book is grounded on a solid empirical and theoretical background.

The structure of this work is tremendously thorough. This makes it especially easy to follow topic development. Every chapter starts with a summary of its content and ends with a subsection defined «to finish», which is a recapitulation of the chapter and ties together each one of the book’s themes to another. Moreover, the chapters also conclude with a collection of multiple-choice questions for self-assessment to check chapter understanding with answers provided in a separate section at the end of the book. One of the most interesting aspects is that while going through its pages, the reader will find
several boxes containing some short recap sections, multiple examples with teaching situations and strategies, and practical tasks for self-reflection. Some of these practical tasks are presented with proposed solutions at the end of the book.

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